Desert Shield. The Anti-Terrorist Section

  Aug 17, 1990: Because of the ever increasing threat our posting requirements were about to expand. Personnel security was of paramount importance, so, with the constant need and influx of personnel to fulfil those requirements, there was a need for an officer in charge. Lieutenant Garneau was selected for the job and officially givenContinue reading “Desert Shield. The Anti-Terrorist Section”

Desert Shield: Routine for the 1st SPS started to set in.

As the days went on routines began to set in. Aug 15, 1990; The Anti-Terrorist (AT) section picked up 3 augmentee’s and lost 3. They were just being rotated. This is generally how my day would go before all the changes. —I am posted as, before the new changes take effect, Golf Eight. —I makeContinue reading “Desert Shield: Routine for the 1st SPS started to set in.”

The 1st SPS continue To Prepare for Desert Shield.

Aug 10, 1990: Our Supply section found a good location and set up their playing field bringing with them their motto as it was at Langley, “Nothing is too good for the troops and nothing is what they get.” To me it was like pulling teeth. Aug 13, 1990;  So far we had been sleepingContinue reading “The 1st SPS continue To Prepare for Desert Shield.”

Dharan: Operations Begin For the 1st SPS

  Aug 9, 1990: Now, with both teams on the ground, our commander went ahead with his plan to divide our “AO”, area of operations, into two initial areas, Alpha, the flight line, and Bravo, the fighter area. Charlie sector will come a short time later as the man-power grows, but until then the largestContinue reading “Dharan: Operations Begin For the 1st SPS”

Our Arrival for Operation “Desert Shield”

NOTE: According to the time frame, documentaries, and of course the fact that we were there watching them get off the plane, The Army (101st AB) were the first combat units to respond. BUT THAT IS A BIG NO. The “First” responding combat units were, and will always be the 1st TFW/1st SPS.  Wed. AugContinue reading “Our Arrival for Operation “Desert Shield””