The 1st SPS continue To Prepare for Desert Shield.


Aug 10, 1990:

Our Supply section found a good location and set up their playing field bringing with them their motto as it was at Langley, “Nothing is too good for the troops and nothing is what they get.” To me it was like pulling teeth.

Aug 13, 1990; 

So far we had been sleeping in the Saudi barracks and as of today we officially moved in. It had two floors and air conditioning. Each room was an open bay type with not more than 20 beds. It was a lot better than the “tent city” they were putting up where the other cops from the other bases would have to live. We said first come first served.

As of today I am still assigned as security NCO for BDOC, but that was about to change, I am happy to say. At the “O” group this morning I was informed that we were organizing the first elements of the Anti-Terrorist section and that I would be taking over the duties as NCO. Lt. M____who would later go to Alpha sector, was going to be in charge of the day shift portion while Lt. G_______ to the night portion. The Col. did have another plan and that would take place as soon as he could get the man-power. These are the first critical post as defined by OSI.

LOCATION:                                                                 CALL SIGN:

–Pilots quarters,                                                       Golf 7, 7a,

–Army Chow Hall                                                     Golf 4, 4a,

–Senior Officers quarters                                       Golf 6, 6a,

–Hospital,                                                                   Golf 9, 9a

–Two man Security patrol,                                     Golf 8. (Supervisor)


Other than me, the others were temporarily assigned until the 17th.


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Christian, Retired USAF Security Police, Desert Shield/Storm War Veteran. Author of the "Reapers War series." Book One … Reapers War: The Beginning … Book Two; Valley of the Shadow: Reapers War.

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