Dharan: Operations Begin For the 1st SPS


Aug 9, 1990:

Now, with both teams on the ground, our commander went ahead with his plan to divide our “AO”, area of operations, into two initial areas, Alpha, the flight line, and Bravo, the fighter area. Charlie sector will come a short time later as the man-power grows, but until then the largest part of our men went to establish a secure area for the fighters; then the ramp, and then a small group for the hanger area. The gates continued to be manned by the Saudi guards already in place. What was really funny to us, as we found out later, was that they had MP-5s but with no ammo. The only one who did was their sergeant. I guess they really didn’t know who they could trust.

With just 116 men on the ground, that’s; two 44 man teams (88) and the rest divided up between, S-1, Command, S-2, operations, and S-5, supply, spread us out pretty thin. But, and we were positively confident that even if the enemy was brave enough to make the mistake of attacking us, we would have given them something to think about. We were the “Air Soldiers” of the First Security Police Squadron and, well, you can guess the rest.  Oh yea, notifying their next of kind would have been left up to their government.

The first days were rough and we filled them with every activity we could think of to insure, not only our safety, but that of the flight line and our air assets. In the process of finding drinkable water we found out that we couldn’t drink it because it hasn’t been tested, so, bottled water was a must.

The flight leader for “Viper” sector went in search of a tactical location for his sector’s control center, “Viper Base” as it would be called later. He found the perfect spot near the old air plane bone yard and where some of the revetments were located.

Meanwhile, the command section had located a suitable place for BDOC, base defense operations center, (Desert Base), which turned out to be the Saudi Police station. Once there, communications, along with command and control were established and we were a go.

Later on that afternoon some transient aircraft (C-141’s) began coming in and off-loading some incoming troops and materials for war. Our Commander, acting on current Intel reports from OSI and using the situation at hand, was putting together a plan to establish and activate the Anti-Terrorist section which would be “Charlie” sector.


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Christian, Retired USAF Security Police, Desert Shield/Storm War Veteran. Author of the "Reapers War series." Book One … Reapers War: The Beginning … Book Two; Valley of the Shadow: Reapers War.

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