The Calm

The time is June of 1990, it is the calm before the store. My name is Lonnie Fulbright and at the time listed I am a Technical Sergeant in the USAF and assigned to the 1st Security Police Squadron, Langley AFB, Virginia and have been since 1986. I love my job as the NCOIC, Non-Commissioned Officer in charge, of the sensors. As of now I have not been to war or in a conflict but have been USAF trained in Air Base Ground Defense, which I might add that at the time was inadequate. June progressed into July. Little did we know that old Sadam Hussien was making his invasion plans for Kuwait.  August arrived and the base went into exercise mode with an antiterrorism senereo. And then on the 2nd of August, while at the law enforcement desk, we heard the news. Iraq had invaded Kuwait. We were about to be headed into the sandbox for War. Not just your every so often playing at war, no sir, we are talking bullets flying, bombs and missiles falling, thing blowing up, you know the real deal. So we the 1st Security Police Squadron, with the entirety of the 1st Tactical Fighter wing, Air Combat Command, prepare.  Stay turned for further updates as they develope.

Published by 19mike55

Christian, Retired USAF Security Police, Desert Shield/Storm War Veteran. Author of the "Reapers War series." Book One … Reapers War: The Beginning … Book Two; Valley of the Shadow: Reapers War.

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