Defender Chronicle

Reapers War: The Beginning.”

A five-man North Korean Special Operations team, lead by Lt. Lei Chung, arrives in Chuncheon their mission, find the American communications site.

Lt. Chung and his team arrived late Saturday evening, June 8, in the outskirts of the City of Chuncheon and went in search of a place where they could rest for the night. They drove from one small neighborhood to another until, just before midnight; they found what they were looking for. An old abandoned house. It had plenty of trees and shrubs, and a path that led around to the back. Chung instructed Sergeant Kyung-gu to pull in and around back. Kyung-gu parked the truck as close to the rear of the house as possible.

“We are not staying long, so don’t get too comfortable,” Chung said, as he stepped out.

The others got out and followed him inside. It was small with two bedrooms, a small kitchen, and living and dining rooms.

“We rest here for the night and go out in the morning in search of information,” he said. Chung knew from his sources that a sleeper cell was nearby, and he needed to get with them for a resupply and an intelligence update.

Early the next morning, they were up and on their way into a small section of one of the townships on the southern edge of the city. Soon they were able to locate the sleeper cell. They gladly provided what he needed. When asked if they knew of the communications site nearby, they told them that several American military vehicles, a long while back, were spotted turning onto one of the narrow roads that led there. They also remembered seeing some helicopters disappear behind one of the mountains, but could not tell if they ever landed. They didn’t know if it was a communications site or not. The leader of the cell also handed Chung a map of Chuncheon and the surrounding areas.

“Thank you,” he said, and he and his men left.

While they were driving back to the house, Chung pulled out the map and located the town they were in and looked for the road that was spoken of. It was marked. He traced where it led with his eyes and found SAAM-RI. He instructed Kyung-gu to pull to the side of the road. Kyung-gu looked ahead, found a suitable place and pulled over. Chung opened the map so that everyone could see it. “The communications site is near here, SAAM-RI. As we see, this road leads up and branches off in several directions, but the main one, here, disappears. We know it has to have a high elevation, so it can operate effectively. In the morning, we will find this road and see where it takes us. Alright, let’s get back.”

During the drive back, Chung continued to look at the map.

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Defender Chronicle

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Defender Chronicle

Reapers War: The Beginning.

The news of the attack on Kunsan and Osan reaches the men on Rebel Station. Lets see what happens when it does.

The news of the attack on Kunsan and Osan came in through the communications network. One of the sergeants in the com building quickly reported it to Captain Beckman. After reading the report, he dropped it on his desk and leaned back in his chair. He stared at the report for a minute and then slowly looked over at the field phone, but didn’t move. After another couple of minutes, he sat up and spun the crank on the phone.

“Sergeant Allen,” said the voice on the other end.

“Sergeant Allen, get the lieutenant, Watkins, and all the squad leaders assembled in the squad room.”

“Yes Sir.”

Fifteen minutes later, Beckman slowly got up and grunted. “Well, I guess I need to go on down there,” he said, as he picked up the dispatch and walked out the door. When he reached the squad room, he went to the counter where the coffee pot was, picked up a cup, and poured some coffee. He turned around. “Gentlemen,” he said sharply, “may I have your attention.” He waited for a second. “This report has just come in from Com. Last night,” the Captain looked up and around at the men and then back down at the report, “Kunsan, along with Osan were attacked.”

Jake and Steel turned and looked at each other. “There’s confirmation,” Pete said. Jake nodded.

“I know this is a shock. And it probably makes you angry. However, as unpleasant as it may be, there is nothing we can do about that. Our job is here. And while we are talking about it, let me say, in case someone may think otherwise, this is in no way connected to what is happening with North Korea. So, don’t make it out to be.”

“I agree, Sir,” Sergeant Hixon said.

“Yea, you would, you wimp,” Griffin said in a low voice.

Jake jumped in before Hixon or the captain could continue.

“Sir, this attack does have something to do with what’s happening up North. It is confirmation that North Korea is going to attack.”

“Sir,” Steel spoke up. “The attack, on two major air bases is confirmation that North Korea is preparing to attack. And it’s because of that fact that we will see very soon an attack on this hill.”

“Sergeant Steel,” Captain Beckman said, “for you and Anderson’s sake, let me make this perfectly clear. We are not at war. No one knows we are here. There are no enemy soldiers out there. So, you two stop being paranoid.”

Steel turned and looked at Anderson and then back to the captain. Being facetious, he said, “Sir, we are not a pair of ‘noids,’ but, even if we were, it doesn’t negate the fact that this place is about to be in a world of hurt if . . .”

The captain, not appreciating the humor, cut him off. “Sergeant Steel, you are here only by request of our squadron commander and that is it. Sergeant Anderson, you are here, because this is where you have been assigned. Your soul purpose is the QRT. And if you want the sergeant’s help, so be it. That means that both of you will limit your activities to that theater of operation. Do I now make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir. You do, indeed,” Steel said, showing his disgust.

“No problem, Sir,” Jake said, right behind him.

“Good, dismissed.”

They turned and walked out while all the other squad leaders stayed behind.

“Okay, now what?” Steel ask, as he and Jake walked around the backside of the main building.

“First of all, we talk to the guys on the perimeter and make sure about who is on our side. Once we know that, we can operate more freely. I really do hate to be defiant, but if we don’t continue to send out a recon patrol, we are gonna be in a world of hurt. We’re gonna be there anyway, but at least this way we have a better chance of not.”

“You know I’m in so, two questions. When is the next patrol? And who?”

“Griffin and his fire team, the morning of the ninth,” Jake said without hesitation.

“You think they are ready?”

“It doesn’t matter. They have to be. But just in case, I’ll take out a team, and then you. We will rotate. That way we have two experienced men out there.”

“I agree.”

“So, we’ll get with the squad this afternoon, inform them, and then continue with the training.”

“Did you say Griffin?” Pete asked.

Jake thought about it to make sure of his choice. “Yes, Griffin’s team.”

“So, we get them out through the perimeter the same way as before.”

“Yep, that’s right.”

Defenders Chronicle

Reapers War: The Beginning

The attack on Kunsan continues.

The three attackers knew they needed to get that gun out of action. And just then, the gun stopped. The one with the RPG quickly loaded a round, got to one knee, and fired. Pearce, still in the Pig and fighting with the M-60 never knew what happened. The RPG round went straight into the front grill and the blast filled the vehicle with hot shrapnel from the engine. The ensuing explosion sent flames into the night sky and hot metal flying in every direction. Pearce was killed. Jenkins and the other two were wounded and out of action. The three attackers abandoned mission and headed back to their entry point.

The backup force headed for the mouth of the southeast entrance to the Tango area. Daniels and his fire teams were locked, loaded, and eager to get in the fight. When the trucks finally stopped, he could still hear the fire fights going on in the distance. But, as he started to jump out of the truck, his lieutenant stopped him.

“We have several teams engaged, so here are three radios. I need you to take your teams around the perimeter road and set up behind spots Tango 9 through 13 as a blocking force. The enemy, we believe, are trying to get back to their point of entry and escape. Your call sign is Whiskey Romeo One.”

“You got it, Sir.” He jumped out of the vehicle and went to each driver telling them the plan. But this time, instead of getting back into the back of the truck, he went to the passenger side of the lead truck. “Alright, hit it.”

The other two attackers, now engaged in a firefight with Tango Whiskey Tango at spot five, had no place to go. They were caught, and they were running out of ammo, too. But they were not going to be taken alive. The two looked at each other and nodded. They inserted fresh magazines, jumped up, and yelled something that only they understood. With their weapons on full-auto, they ran firing in a full-frontal assault.

The two men of Tango Whisky Tango were glad to see the second two-man team as they came up beside them. They were just about to deploy around to the right flank when they saw the two attackers jump up. “Here they come,” shouted the leader of the first two-man team. He took aim and opened fire at the man on the right. The others fired at the man on the left. They both fell in a hail of fire.

Daniels and his men were on their way to set up their blocking force. “Romeo Alpha One, this is Whiskey Romeo one.”

“Whiskey Romeo, one go.”

“Sit rep over?”

“Tango Foxtrot Tango has engaged three men on the maintenance road between spots 6 and 8.  We’ve lost contact with them. Tango Whisky Tango was in contact with two.”

“I copy. As per the commander, he wants us to form a defensive line at the rear of spots 9-13. We are in route via CUC-Vs along the South Perimeter Road. We should be on line in about three seconds. I will inform you when we are in place. How copy?”

“That’s a copy, will inform all units to watch for you.”

The Security Response Team manned by SSgt. Baker and Amn. Fullington made their way behind the south wall of Tango 11. They deployed and just in time. Just as they got down on a knee, they saw Tango Foxtrot Tango explode. They watched as the three attackers jumped up and started running in their direction. But Baker, instead of staying behind cover, stepped out into the open. Fullington, following his leader, did the same. Caught in the open, they were both killed in a spray of AK rounds.

After engaging an armored vehicle and destroying it, and now killing two more Americans, the three attackers made their way to spot 12 for their egress. They were unaware of what was waiting for them there.

Daniels had his team deployed in a line formation with every weapon covering avenues of escape and everyman was ready. He heard a brief burst of weapons fire, so he knew they were in the right spot. It wasn’t long before they saw three men running from across the taxiway and disappear around the revetment wall of spot 12.

The three attackers stopped for a moment to rest along the outer wall of the revetment. They moved out from behind the wall, walking slowly through the same knee high grass they had crawled through earlier. Suddenly, they came face to face with a line of defenders. For an instant, they wondered how the Americans could have known they were coming back to this particular place. And one man was standing alone, his weapon raised, as if playing the hero. Their eyes met.

Daniels saw him through the iron sights of his M-16. He was ready to pull the trigger, but waited, wanting the one he was looking at to make the first move. When he began to raise his weapon, the other two followed. Daniels pulled the trigger. It was payback time. Every M-16 and the M-60 opened fire. The three men, who had reveled in their success, now lay dead in a way that would have made their ancestors proud. From twenty yards, a wall of bullets made their way to their targets. It was an awesome display of firepower that resulted in bloody death. The attackers’ bodies seemed to dance at every impact of the bullets until there was nothing left to shoot at. It was the worse experience Daniels had ever had. All over the kill zone was the blood, body parts, and the smell of death. It was something they would remember for the rest of their lives.

Defenders Chronicle

Reapers War: The Beginning

The men on Rebel Station continue to face obstacles with not only preparing for War, but with their Captain. Continue to follow and we’ll see how the saga unfolds. 

Defenders Chronicle

When we left off Kunsan Air Base was under a terrorist attack, that attack continues.

Airman First Class Pearce nervously jumped up through the opening of the top turret and loaded the M-60 machine gun. He yelled down, “Ready. Let’s go!” Jenkins raced toward the action.

Williams jumped into his vehicle and cranked it up. Not taking the time to buckle his seatbelt, he slammed it into drive and planted his foot down hard on the accelerator. The vehicle tires spun causing it to fishtail as it tried to get some traction. As they turned the corner of the revetment, he was trying to keep the vehicle under control and get back on the taxiway. He could see the fire and white smoke coming from somewhere north, but he could not make out from where.

“Control, this is Tango Foxtrot Tango. There have been three explosions at the com building, and we are in route.”

“It’s Comm,” Thomas shouted. He quickly got on the radio. “Control, this is Tango Alpha One. We are in route, also.”

As they hit the West taxiway, Williams turned sharply left and hammered down once again on the gas. The vehicle had traction and lurched forward. Then, from behind them, came four more explosions in quick succession. He slammed down hard on the brake slid to a halt. He looked over his right shoulder as flames and smoke were coming out of four aircraft revetments. He could see airplane parts still flying through the air and coming down with a crash.

After the last plane exploded, the five attackers ran across the taxiway and headed down through the middle of the grassy area that separated the two taxiways. Their next target was the aircraft on the opposite side at Tango 8. They passed along the outer beam of the building lights as they ran.

Williams spun the vehicle around and headed back towards the perimeter bunkers. It was already too late to stop any penetrations. However, he figured if they could get to the perimeter fast enough, they could at least try and stop anyone else from coming in. Just then, Thomas spotted five men in civy’s running across the taxiway with weapons in their hands. He grabbed the mic. “Control, this is Tango Alpha One. We just had four more explosions at spots 13, 14, 15, and 16. We also spotted five men armed with AK-47’s running across the taxiway from spot 13, headed for the maintenance area. We are going to set up a blocking force on the east side of spot 18. Do we have permission to engage?”

“Tango Alpha One that is affirmative.” The controller followed up with, “Control to all post and patrols, condition red, threat-con delta. I repeat, condition red, threat-con delta.”

Staff Sergeant Wager, the senior controller of the three on duty, was plotting on the map. One of his assistants was operating the radio and keeping track of the situations as they occurred, while the other was handling the blotter. Everyone in Security Control was busy.

Thomas responded, “We copy. Have anyone on patrol that can, join us there.” Williams jerked the wheel hard left and thought, the perimeter will have to wait. He pulled around to the west side of spot 18 and stopped. The immediate threat was here. “Let’s go.” He jumped out followed by Williams. But as soon as they started to run towards the back end of the revetment, AK-47 rounds started coming in. They both hit the dirt.

Lt. Chung and his men were running in a crouch through the small maintenance area located directly east of spot 21. As they approached the southwest corner of a small building, they saw a truck about a hundred meters directly south of them pull to a halt and two men get out. Both were armed with M-16’s. He took aim and fired a full 30-round burst.

Colonel Christopher was listening to the radio when he heard the first transmission. “Control, this is Charlie One. I am in route. I need a sit/rep and initiate a recall!”

As the five farmer terrorists ran across the grassy area behind spots 11 and 8, they heard an AK-47 open fire to their left. They stopped and crouched down. Figuring it was the lieutenant firing at the Americans, they decided to split up. Two of them headed to spots 3, 4, and 5, while the other three continued on to spots 2 and 1.

Williams thought about returning fire, but quickly changed his mind when a few more rounds kicked up dirt in front of him. “Get back to the truck,” he yelled. Thomas was way ahead of him.         “Come on,” he yelled back.

Jenkins, driving hard, was coming up on the side road that led from the taxiway to the back side of the com building. “Hold on.” He turned hard right.

“Hey,” Pierce yelled down, “I have three bad guys to my left running behind spots 11 and 8.”

“You sure about that,” Jenkins responded.

“Yes, Sir, all three are carrying AKs.”

“That’s bad guys alright.” Jenkins jerked the wheel hard left and brought the headlights to bear.

“Control, this is Tango Alpha One,” Thomas yelled over the radio. “We are receiving small arms fire from the small maintenance area directly north of spot 18. We are pinned down at this time.”

Daniels had gone to bed at about 2100, and was at the point of drifting in and out of sleep when he was startled awake by what he thought was an explosion. He opened his eyes and focused on the ceiling, listening intently. After no other sounds came, he closed his eyes. He thought that it might have been a dream. A few seconds passed by and another explosion sounded. This was no dream. Knowing a recall was about to happen, he jumped up, got dressed quickly, grabbed his gear and his weapon, and headed out into the hallway, shouting for everyone to get up.

Sgt. Allen and SSgt. Hightower had run out about the same time. Daniels told them to get to the second and third floors and get the others up. The two men ran upstairs and Daniels could hear them banging on doors and shouting for everyone to get up, they are under attack. It did not take long and he had everyone from element two ready for combat. He was organizing everyone into teams when three trucks and a deuce pulled up. All the drivers were yelling for everyone to get in. Daniels went to the lead driver and given a quick status report. He could hear the distant weapons fire as he loaded his men into the CUC-Vs, and everyone else into the deuce. He then yelled, “Let’s get it!”

Lieutenant Cooper, the acting Ops Officer, arrived at where he thought he could best direct the action and got on the radio. “Defense Control, this is Oscar One. I’ll be taking over as on-scene commander. Have all responding units not already engaged, rendezvous with me. You know the grid coordinates.”

“Copy, Oscar One. Charlie One is in route as well.”

Jenkins brought the Pig to a sliding stop and his gunner yelled down, “I have three men, 100 meters to my nine o’clock.”

The team deployed quickly as Pierce covered them.

“Tango Alpha One, this is Tango Foxtrot Tango. We are on the maintenance road running between spots 6 and 8. We have three bad guys in sight behind spot 8 and are engaging.”

Tango Whisky Tango, a two-man foot patrol in the east turn around area, was responding to the fight when they saw two men cross over the east taxiway running towards 3, 4, and 5. “Tango Whisky Tango to Tango Alpha One, we’ve spotted two bad guys crossing the east taxiway from the west. It looks they may be headed for spots 3, 4, and 5. We are moving to intercept and engage.”

The three attackers, caught in the headlight beam of the fire team with no place to run, dropped down prone and opened fire with their AK-47’s on full-auto. Sgt. Jenkins and two of the team on the ground with him answered with a return fire of their own. The exchange of fire was deafening. Then, the M-60 opened up. Jenkins thought for sure that whoever was out there shooting at them was about to be dead.

Pearce, at less than a hundred meters, opened fire with the M-60 and at that close range should not have missed. But with the incoming AK-47 rounds bouncing off the armor plating of the Pig and the plating around him, that’s exactly what happened. Suddenly, the M-60 stopped firing. It was out of ammo! Pearce began to panic.

Jenkins heard the M-60 stop firing and his new-found confidence disappeared. He knew Pearce had run out of ammo. “Pearce, Pearce!” he yelled above the noise. “Get that gun outta there.”

Pearce, shaking badly, managed to dismount the M-60 from the turret.  He was lowering himself down through the opening, dragging it behind him when it got caught on the harness.



Defenders Chronicle

Reapers War: The beginning”

Continues and in this Episode: Jake and his men still battle with a complacent and completely incompetent Captain, and Kunsan Air Base is attacked. Lets follow the action.

6, June 1985: 0235: Staff Sergeant Williams and Sergeant Thomas of Bravo Flight were posted as the Alert Response Team, call sign Tango Alpha One. They had just completed a patrol of the east taxiway, rounded the north end by the hot spots, and were coming up the west side, passing by spot 26 on their left. The sounds of the ground equipment were still echoing throughout the area.

“Man, I sure wish they would hurry up and shut that stupid thing off,” Thomas said, as he looked across to spot 25.

Chung and his team were already making their way through the middle of the maintenance area and using the building’s shadows as cover. As they stopped beside a small structure, Chung noticed some lights from an approaching vehicle. Everyone got down and he let the vehicle pass before they slowly continued to their target.

Williams was driving slowly and checking each spot as he did. “Oh wow, only 0245. Man, time sure does fly when you’re having fun,” he said sarcastically. “I think I need some coffee.” He was coming up on spot 17 and turned right to go down the taxiway leading to it. He drove around to the west side, parked, and he and Thomas stepped out of the vehicle to stretch a little. Williams reached back in to get his thermos.

“Want some?” he asked Thomas.

“Yea, I think I will.” Thomas looked inside his A-bag and pulled out a small plastic coffee cup. He walked around to where Williams was and he poured a cup. Fifteen minutes passed, and Williams thought they needed to check on the other post. Suddenly, three loud explosions rocked the north end of the area and lit up the night.

In the Weapons Storage Area, WSA, Sergeant Jonathan (Jeb) Stuart, the area supervisor sat in the fire team building reading over some reports. Today he was a little over six months into his first short tour assignment and was temporarily assigned to the night shift until Sergeant Rawlings comes back from his R & R. He’d been hearing and reading about the possibility of war and how it was a waiting game. He’s also heard about the deadline and saw how it was drawling closer every day. He was thinking about that when he stood up to go and get another cup of coffee. He reached up into the cabinet and was about to grab a cup when he heard the explosions. He froze in place and in that moment it seemed like everything stood still. Then the radio came alive with emergency transmissions about a possible attack.

“Alright,” Jeb yelled, “get your gear.”

The fire team leader Sergeant Arron Jasper yelled, “Let’s go,” and jumped up. He ran out to where his fire team vehicle was, known as a Peacekeeper or PIG, as everyone affectionately called it, quickly put on his flak vest, threw his Load Bearing Equipment, LBE, over his shoulder and jumped into the driver seat. The others of his fire team were doing the same and in less than thirty seconds they were ready to roll.

Jeb got on the radio to the tower. “Whisky Control this is Whisky One, have you got a visual?”

“That is affirm,” said Sergeant Fuller, “explosions on the flight line and looks like several planes have been hit. There looks to be several men running around with,” he paused, “RPG’s and Ak-47s. This is for sure and ground assault.”

“Whiskey-One to all Whisky post, gear up, get to your defensive positions, and remain vigilant.”

On the flight line the RPG rounds were hitting their targets. Each of Chung’s men quickly switched weapons and ran to their rally point.

“What was that?” Williams yelled, as he looked at Thomas. Both grabbed the truck doors.

“Sergeant Williams?” Thomas yelled.

“Yeah, let’s go!”

SSgt Jenkins, the fire team leader of Tango Foxtrot Tango, had parked the Peacekeeper, an armored vehicle affectionately known as the Pig, near spot 38 and was beginning to read his book. He was just thinking how quiet it was when three explosions rocked the night. He looked up to see fire and smoke billowing from the com building. He yelled to the back, “Explosions at the com building. Get that 60 locked and loaded. We’re going in!”



Defenders Chronicle


Defending is my way of life. Volunteering as a “Defender”, understanding the hazards of my profession, I will always uphold the prestige, honor, and “Esprit de Corps” of my defense flight.

 Examples must be set for others to follow and this I will always endeavor to do. Giving 100% will always be my goal.

Freedom is the reason that I must defend. I will always fight harder, move faster, and go farther than the enemy.

Energetically will I carry out the orders of those appointed over me. My appearance and proper use of my equipment will set the standard for others to follow.

Never will I leave a fellow “Defender” in battle. If by chance I fall into the hands of the enemy, never will I embarrass my country.

Doing a job such as ours means I will always keep myself physically fit, mentality strong, and my moral standards high.

Ethics of my profession and my high degree of self motivation as well as my determination and my faith in my God will carry me through when others fall. I will shoulder more than my share of any task, and help others in any way possible.

Realizing that the aircraft, weapons systems and personnel I defend keep my country strong and free. I pledge my life in their defense.

Defenders Chronicle

The Next Episode of;

“Reapers War: The Beginning.”

We take up in this episode after First Sergeant Pete Steel arrives at Rebel Station and meets with Jake.

They talked for a few minutes about the Ranger stuff and then Pete said, “Jake, I know you know about what’s happening up North and about how it’s about to hit the fan. So, instead of me training the cops at Kunsan, your commander thought it would be a good idea if I came up here and sort of, helped you. So, me being from Camp Page, I said sure. Why not? And from what I’ve seen so far, it looks hopeless. Nevertheless, with the eighteen or twenty days until it does ‘hit the fan,’ I might be able to give you a fighting chance.”

Jake laughed. “Give me a fighting chance? Now exactly what do you mean by that?”

“Well, maybe not you. I mean, what chance could I have with you? But, I’ll give it my best shot anyway.” He sat down in the chair.

“Well, “Jake said, “you can forget about support from the captain. He has a death wish. He doesn’t even think that the North knows we’re here, let alone going to attack. He has it in his mind that this is a secret location.”

“A secret location,” Pete laughed.

“Yep, and get this. No one here has been doing anything but sitting on their rear for six months. There is something else I’m sure you will like. He says no patrols.”

“No patrols! Is he nuts?”

“That, my friend, is affirmative. And him being nuts contributes to us be sitting ducks.”

“Well, if he thinks this hill is a secret and he doesn’t want patrols, you are right. Sitting ducks you are.” Pete got up. “I’ll be talking with the captain in the morning. Want to come along?”

“You bet.”

Steel left and went to his room.

Howard came by Jake’s room and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Jake said.

Howard opened it.

“Come on in and close the door,” Jake said, as he drank the last bit of coffee that had gotten cold. “Have a seat.”

Howard closed the door and sat down in the chair.

“Okay. First question, have you ever been out on a real patrol?”

“No, not yet,” Howard answered.

“Well, tomorrow you will have to learn the hard way. So, here it is. You will go out beyond the wire by 0400, going out at Bravo 9. They will be ready for you. I’ll be there with you as you go out. All I want you to do is go out about 200 meters and make a 360 around the base. I just want you and your team to get your feet wet, nothing special. But look for the places that we can use and, of course, any signs of people that might be out there, any questions?”


“Good,” Jake said, showing his confidence. “Go and quietly brief your team.”

“Roger that.”

Jake had an idea. He left and went down to Pete’s room. He knocked on the door and heard Pete tell him to come in.

“Pete, I know you just got here, but how would you like to go out on a covert patrol in the morning. I’m sending Howard out and I think it would be beneficial to him if you went along.”

“I don’t see that as a problem.”

“Good. I will meet you here at 0355 and we’ll head out to Bravo 9. When you get back in, we’ll go and see the captain.”

Jake went back to his room and got ready for bed.

Lei Chung receives a coded message.

A coded message went out activating all North Korean special ops and terrorist cells for operation “Black Scorpion.” One such message was received by Lei Chung and his team operating around Kunsan Air Base. He smiled and notified his team.

Defender Chronicle

 “Reapers War: The Beginning.”

Jake has started the training for his squad and it has been difficult. But they were about to get a visitor, someone Jake met on the bus, his name is Pete Steel, US Army Ranger, lets take a look.

For the rest of the day the third squad worked hard at clearing out a wide enough spot to put the 706 into. When they were done, they backed it into place, and covered it with camo netting. Griffin would start training his team in the morning.

At 1900, they gathered back in the squad room. Jake knew they were tired, and he waited until everyone was seated. “Gentlemen, you’ve worked hard and have done a good job. But this is just the beginning. We have a lot of work ahead of us, so everyone get a shower and some rest. We are back at it again at 0645 in the morning.” Jake dismissed them and watched as a weary bunch of men and boys headed for showers and rest. Howard, Griffin and Walter stayed behind. Jake went over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Howard, after everyone is down come by my room for a briefing.” He paused and looked up. “Chopper coming in,” he said out loud.

Howard and the others looked at each other then, Howard said, “We don’t hear anything.”

“Yea, it’s coming in from the southwest.” Jake picked up his coffee cup and went outside through the southeast corner door.

Howard and the others just sat there. This guy is what myths and legends are made of, Howard was thinking.

Sunset was at 19:49, so there was still plenty of light. Jake got outside and in about 30 seconds he saw it. He smiled because he could still, after so many years, determine direction just by sound. The pilot made his approach and slowly brought the Huey to a hover over its landing spot. Just a few seconds later the pilot changed its pitch and it slowly set down. When the skids touched down, an Army First Sergeant jumped out from the left side. The captain and Hixon were there to greet him. Jake watched as the Army First Sergeant approached the captain.

“First Sergeant Steel?” the captain asked, putting his hand out.

“Yes, Sir,” Steel answered, shaking the captain’s hand.

“Follow me.” The captain turned and started walking across the pad toward the southwest corner entrance of the main building, and Steel followed with Hixon behind him.    Jake watched intently, and as Steel got closer, he thought, man there is something familiar about him. He stepped back inside the building, looking over his shoulder. I wonder why he’s here.

The captain led the way to the main building, entered the southwest end entrance and showed Steel his room. Griffin saw them come in and snapped his fingers to get Howard and Walter’s attention. They looked as Griffin pointed. As he followed the captain, Steel noticed the three men staring at him.

“Right here, Sergeant,” Captain Beckman said. “I’ll see you in the morning.” And without giving the sergeant time to say anything, he turned and walked back out the same way he came in.

“Thank you, Sir,” Steel said, as he watched him. He stood there for a second, opened the door to his room, dropped his gear, turned around and went to where he saw the three men.

Griffin watched him as he approached and saw that he was an Army first sergeant. He waited for him to get there and the first sergeant stopped in front of him. “Just out of curiosity,” Griffin said, noticing the name Steel on the nametag. “What is an Army first sergeant doing here? Are you lost or something, or are you planning on joining us?”

Steel looked Griffin in the eye and without expression said, “Where is Sergeant Anderson?” Griffin looked back unflinching. How does he know Anderson?

Howard walked over to them. “He is in the first room to your right, just before you leave the hall.”

Steel stood there for a few seconds more looking Griffin in the eye, then slowly turned and walked down the hall.

Griffin turned his head and looked at Howard. “I wonder what an Army first sergeant is doing here and what he wants with Anderson.”

“Don’t know, but did you see the jump wings and the Ranger Tab. I’ve got a feeling that he ain’t here just for a visit.”

“Ranger,” Walters said, milking his chin, “dawg and everthang.”

“Yeah,” Griffin said. He turned slowly and walked over to the counter for a cup of coffee.

Steel found the door he was looking for and stopped then knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Jake opened it. Staring at him was the first sergeant who looked very familiar. He looked down at his nametag.

“Steel, now exactly where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah. I remember. It was on a bus going to Osan … Ain’t you a little … off course? The last I heard you say, you were headed down south to some air base to teach some Air Force cops. Something to do with tactics or something, I think you said. How did that turn out? And, most importantly, how’d you end up here?”

Steel smiled. “That was jack leg Air Force and what are you doing anyway? Writing a book?” He waited for a second. “Well . . . mind if I come in?”

Jake looked at him for another couple of seconds, smiled and stuck his hand out. “Welcome aboard, Pete.” He turned a side and Steel walked in.