Reapers War: The Beginning

                                     And into the Jaws of death they went

Chung was amazed at how inefficient the four men searching the area were. They didn’t search the house, which is one of the primary rules of clearing an area, and they failed to even look into the tunnel of trees. These failures would cost them dearly.

The first vehicle came down the road and into the clearing followed by the second one, which was a jeep. Lei Chung smiled, because it couldn’t have been better. The perfect set up. He was glad he had moved Kang further to the left, and the way the vehicles were positioned, Chung would now have a great killing shot at the jeep.

Sergeant Kyung-gu had moved back up to the window and was watching from his vantage point. When the first vehicle came into the clearing he began counting. He prepared as the trucks passed his position and anticipated the action. He counted, one, then the little jeep, then the next large truck, then his target appeared. He took careful aim at the third truck.

Seung-heon heard all the vehicles as well and prepared. He saw the first one pass the lieutenant’s position and head into the tunnel.


Captain Beckman, about thirty yards behind the lead deuce, followed it with his eyes. As it began to approach what looked like a tunnel, he scanned the surrounding area. “Alright, Sgt. Cannon. Stay close.” He did not see anything.


Lei Chung got ready.


Jake’s senses were going wild. He kept searching for the trouble, but didn’t see anything or anyone. Whoever was out there was very well hidden. He tapped Walter on the shoulder. ”Keep your eyes peeled.” He turned around and shouted through the opening between the cab and the back of the truck. “Keep your eyes open, and be ready. Howard watch that house, we’re going in.”

Howard and Walter both knew that Jake had a sixth sense about him, so they took what he said as truth. “Get ready,” Howard said. “Jennings, Rebhouser, Kidd, on the right. My team, take the left.” He looked out of the left side.

Jennings, the next ranking man, positioned his team to the right side and got ready. Steel, in the back at the tailgate of Jake’s deuce, watched as everyone went from just being cautious, to one hundred percent alert. He brought his weapon up and scanned the area left and right behind them and then looked at the third deuce.

Hixon carelessly looked out the windshield as they entered the tunnel. He had no idea what was about to happen, so anticipation for him was out of his mind. As they passed through the first five feet of the tunnel, he thought it was interesting. He just didn’t believe that anything was going to happen, and that Anderson was just being stupid. He looked at his M-16 hanging on the hook that formed part of the front windshield frame and then looked out the passenger window. The driver and Hixon disappeared in a flash. The cab of the M-35 deuce blew apart as thousands of pellets and pieces of shrapnel were sent through it. The men in the rear had no chance as the tiny pellets ripped through the canopy from the explosive. The shrapnel killed everyone inside. Then, within seconds, the fuel tanks erupted and sent flames, wreckage and body parts out both ends of the tunnel, through the sides, and skyward. In less than a few seconds there was nothing left but a pile of twisted burning wreckage.