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It is a Crime

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Man leaving the scene in a white late model Chevy. Described as white male, 6 feet tall, beard, sunglasses, hat and wearing a long overcoat. Further evidence discovered at the scene was a playing card. As witnesses testify, the man pulled into the driveway of the vic, got out and carried a brief case with him up to the door. He knocked, waited and the victim opened the door. They talked for about 10-15 seconds, shook hands and the man entered. About and hour later the man left. He still carried the brief case. 

Could he be our number one suspect? Who was the man and what was his business at the residence?

It is a Crime.

Husband found dead at home by his wife. Investigators find no forced entry to the home, no apparent wounds, nothing missing from the home, no signs of a struggle. They did find residue of a strange substance on the kitchen table and on the floor near his feet. Preliminary diagnosis from the coroner is heart attack. However, from his wife’s testimony there was no history of such. 

Was it murder or was it suicide. We’ll learn more as the investigation continues.